In the past I wasn't much of a reader of fantasy quest tales but M. Cummins
BEYOND THE LAST TREE is likely to change that. At least where
the Chronicles of the Chosen is concerned. Fair has created a mythology
where the gods are part techie (ala the world of Krypton) and mystical
though they wield some powerful magic, changing the appearance of their
minions at will. Enter into this world a girl who stopped believing in the
gods long ago. But you can't make statements like that without catching a
fantasy lord's attention, and such is the case with Morgan of the Wood.
With her trusty black cat at her side -- in feline or human form -- Morgan is
stuck with the job everyone hates: saving the world. As this is merely the
first in a series, it doesn't get saved in this tale, so I'll be "tuning" back in
later for the next exciting episode of Morgan's adventure. Well, the cat ain't
bad either, particularly in human form.

Beth Daniels
Author of the wildly popular non-fiction title 'Writing
Steampunk' as well as 'So You Want to Write a Novel'

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