As of April 1st, 2013, the Johnston Farm Friends Council has officially become
the local management partner for the Johnston Farm & Indian Agency.  

What this means is that while the buildings, contents, and exhibits remain the
property of the Ohio Historical Society, the JFFC is now responsible for the day-
to-day operations of the site as well as programming and maintenance.  By
remaining a part of OHS, the JFFC and the site staff w
ill continue to call on the
experience and expertise of the historical society
as needed, benefiting from the
vast store of knowledge the Society has accumulated over its many years of

Though the subsidy for operations that comes through the Ohio Historical
Society from the state legislature will remain intact, the JFFC is now responsible,
by way of admissions, sales, special events, and other funding sources, for
approximately 40% of the annual $202,000.00 site budget.

In other words, the Johnston Farm & Indian Agency is now a
truly local site.